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8 Week Board & Train - Off Leash Advanced

E collar training is reccomended For Dogs 10 Months and Older. 


This is the extended version of our 6 week program. The additional weeks allows more time for your dog to work on those off leash skills around more and more distractions under the supervision of your trainer's watchful eye. If your dog has a specific behavioral area you would like focused on (such as extreme leash pulling, poor recall or tendency to run away to chase squirrels), we recommend a 6 week e collar conditioning program. After an initial acclimation period to our schedule, getting to know the trainer(s) and their new schedule, dogs and puppies enrolled in the 6 week off leash transition program will be working on: ​

On leash & OFF LEASH foundation & advanced training:

  • Clicker conditioning

  • Basic manners:

    • leash walking​

    • meet and greet / no jumping

    • polite walking through doors

    • waiting for food

    • place training

  • Sit​

  • Stay

  • Down

  • Other misc. Skills & behaviors we might introduce your puppy or dog to based on their individual aptitude and what we feel would be beneficial: 

    • Center (leg weaves).​

    • Targeting (buckets / platforms / ramps) 

    • STAND (and stay). 

    • Walking at Heel with head's up engagement. 

  • Re-call:

    • Laying the foundation for a reliable recall/distance work while on leash. 

    • Transition to off leash e collar controlled safe and reliable recall

  • Socialization: 

    • Crated car ride & off site "field trip" training 1 - 2X weekly after week 3

    • Maturity appropriate direct and/or *indirect socialization with other dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, people, and on site environmental exposures. 

  • Increased (maturity appropriate) distraction training. 

  • Alternating schedule of positive reinforcement teaching with introduction to maturity appropriate pressure using e collar.



  • Your own e-collar

  • 1.5 to 2 hour outgoing lesson at time of pick up.

  • 38 page downloadable PDF training & homework manual

  • Clicker

  • Bait Bag

  • Custom BlackFoot Training leash

  • Nylon training collar.

Learn All About BlackFoot K9 Boarding With Training 

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