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12 Week Retriever Puppy Development. 

Retriever Puppy foundation work for pups ages 8 weeks and older. 

$5800.00 (min 12 weeks)
Additional weeks after 12 weeks $450 per

Tailored to fit the needs of working retrievers with the understanding that these working dogs are also family companions. We will groom your next Master Hunter or Field Champion to be a well mannered balanced dog. With a big focus on environmental socialization, and yard word foundation training. 

Skills focused on during puppy raising: 

  • Housebreaking

  • Place training (casting to place)

  • Crate training (loading into vehicle safely and under control).

  • leash walking.

  • Hunt test holding blind manners.

  • Sending to targets for "baby blind" retrieves. 

  • Shaped positive retrieve

  • Basic puppy commands including:

    • Here

    • Heel

    • Place

    • Sit

    • Down

    • Kennel

  • Age and maturity appropriate Introduction to: 

    • steadiness

    • honoring

    • gun fire

    • swimming

    • travel

    • dead and live birds

  • Pups are started with positive, balanced and fair methods. You puppy will be eager to learn and more than prepared for his/her future no matter if for sport or pet!


1 hour outgoing lesson

homework manual

Training collar

Training Leash

Bait Bag & Clicker

For retrievers: Dead birds are included. Live shot birds (pigeons / ducks / pheasants) at market price & invoiced monthly. 

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