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2 Week Board & Train

Two weeks is our minimum stay for all new board and train students. 


After an initial acclimation period to our schedule, getting to know the trainer(s) and their new schedule, dogs and puppies enrolled in the 2 week program will be working on: ​

  • Clicker conditioning. 

  • Maturity appropriate direct and/or *indirect socialization with other dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, people, and on site environmental exposures. 

  • Because the 2 week stay is our minimum booking duration, we can not promise off site "field trips"during your dog's stay. 

  • On leash foundation training

    • Basic Leash Skills & Manners:

      • walking​ without pulling.

      • meeting and greeting people / no jumping.

      • politely walking through doors.

      • dealing with low to mid level controlled distractions while on lead.

  • Stationary positions introduced: 

    • SIT (and stay).​

    • DOWN (and stay).

    • PLACE (and stay). 

    • Heel finish (swing finish to sit at left side). 



  • 1.5 to 2 hour outgoing lesson at time of pick up.

  • 38 page downloadable PDF training & homework manual

  • Clicker

Learn All About BlackFoot K9 Boarding With Training 

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