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5 Week Board & Train

Building on Basics, working to handle bigger distractions and targeting trouble areas.


If your dog has a specific behavioral area you would like focused on (such as extreme leash pulling or tendency to chase cats), we recommend a 5 week program. After an initial acclimation period to our schedule, getting to know the trainer(s) and their new schedule, dogs and puppies enrolled in the 5 week on leash program will be working on: ​

  • Clicker conditioning. 

  • Maturity appropriate direct and/or *indirect socialization with other dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, people, and on site environmental exposures. 

  • Two or more "field trips"off site will be included during your dog's 5 week stay. Field trips are determined on a per case basis and typically we start taking dogs off site after week 2. This will help us begin to proof some of the behaviors taught during the first 2-3 weeks, and build on your dog's distraction tolerance. Field trips are a great way to show us what your outgoing lesson will be focused on pertaining to improving your dog's training as you advance into real life settings. 

  • Lone Line re-call:

    • Laying the foundation for a reliable recall/distance work while on leash. 

  • On leash foundation training:

    • Basic Leash Skills & Manners:

      • walking​ without pulling.

      • meeting and greeting people / no jumping.

      • politely walking through doors.

      • dealing with low to mid level controlled distractions while on lead.

  • Stationary positions introduced: 

    • SIT (and stay).​

    • DOWN (and stay).

    • PLACE (and stay). 

    • Heel finish (swing finish to sit at left side). 

  • Other misc. Skills & behaviors we might introduce your puppy to based on their individual aptitude and what we feel would be beneficial: 

    • Center (leg weaves).​

    • Targeting (buckets / platforms / ramps) 

    • STAND (and stay). 

    • Walking at Heel with head's up engagement. 



  • 1.5 to 2 hour outgoing lesson at time of pick up.

  • 38 page downloadable PDF training & homework manual

  • Clicker

Learn All About BlackFoot K9 Boarding With Training 

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