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The Rescued dogs of BlackFoot

Meet BLACK JACK !!!  

Available for Adoption

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Black Jack was found roadside hiding in some overgrowth. He was found by a kind passer by who could not care for him and somehow managed to be at BlackFoot. Sadly, Black Jack was staying close to the side of the road next to a deceased dog of similar looks.  He is our 24th BlackFoot rescue. His current weight is a perfect fit 55 lbs but when he arrived he weighed only 28! 


Emaciated, parasite infested, with skin sores and teeth worn down to the exposed roots. Who knows how long he would have continued to survive on the street. Oh how we wish he could share his story. We have no idea how he came to be in the poor physical condition he is in but … from the day he came to BlackFoot he has a whole new life ahead ! 

Black Jack is approximately 2 - 3 years of age. He has been with us for over a year  now.  


De-wormed, treated for mange, his many skin abrasions and minor infections all over are all healed. His coat is thick and healthy now and he has been neutered, vaccinated, and has had 8 teeth removed.

Unfortunately Black Jack's first heart worm test was incorrect and he IS HEART WORM POSITIVE. We started his treatment in July 2022.

This happy, strong and athletic dog is only “ok” with other dogs and cats. He needs an educated and experienced owner who will pay careful attention to his behaviors. He is clicker conditioned and VERY FOOD MOTIVATED. With treats he offers fantastic attention and  general engagement. He is e collar conditioned and his training will continue to proof a nice recall and further his skills. He knows "place" on a kuranda bed and will always be polite and wait to be released for his food dish. 

We love taking care of rescued souls like Black Jack when we can, and we are 100% willing to take on the financial and time consuming tasks of vetting, training, and general husbandry of these rescues. When it comes time for Black Jack to go to a new forever home we will ask an adoption fee to help offset some of these costs. In the meantime … anyone who donates can help lower that adoption fee! 

Even just $1 … as donations are received the web site will be updated to share all of the fund allocations.
Please be sure if you donate to correctly select that this is not for business purposes to avoid fees so that your entire donation can go to

Black Jack’s care including: vet bills, parasite control, neuter surgery, feed, training, housing, beds toys and treats ... all the things that DOGS DESERVE TO KNOW as part of life … 


Since arriving at BlackFoot we have invested well over $1,000 in terms of finances toward Black Jack's care. There is no dollar amount that we can say we have invested in terms of time (grooming, vet visits, clean up, training etc..). As we prepare to treat Black Jack for heart worm, we are about to undertake another big responsibility. We are willing and able to do this but we certainly sincerely appreciate donations to help us (and help Black Jack) ! Thank you !!!

Donations Recieved over the past year + total:


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