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Available at BlackFoot:

BlackFoot Labrador Puppies:

At blackFoot Kennels we strive to produce and train top quality pure bred dogs. We breed a very limited number of Labrador Retriever Litters each year and usually have a waitlist for our special pups bearing the name BlackFoot. Our BlackFoot pups range in price from $2000 + depending on the breeding pair and the pedigree.  


Started & Finished Trained Dogs:

Occasionally we will hold a puppy back from one of our litters, or purchase a dog from within our network of reputable breeders so that we can train and sell those pups as "started or finished dogs. These dogs range in price from $3000 +.  

Rescued puppies/Dogs:

We also understand the need for and importance of adoption. There are many GREAT trainable loving dogs who need our help. Each year Steve and Danielle make an effort to help a few dogs who need us. Please consider adoption ! Our adoption fee is typically about $300 for any dog or puppy... We ask this small amount to just help offset a little of our expenses & time spent: Grooming, rehabbing, vetting, housing, and feeding our rescues. In the event that we have been generously offered donations ... anything above the expense of the dog's care will be applied to lower the adoption fee. 

Guardian Home Placements:

Occasionally, we will offer one of our special puppies, or, retired competitive dogs to "guardian homes" at no cost. A co-ownership for the life of the the dog is a minimum requirement. Additional terms must be agreed upon and will vary with each puppy/dog placed in a guardian home. 

Farmyard Friends:

In addition to rescued dogs, occasionally we will will have rescued cats and kittens, we also love love to raise one litter of Flemish Giant Rabbits or Flemish crosses each Spring, and ... will have an incubated or natural  hatch of beautiful pure bred or farmyard mix poultry.

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