Available Puppies and Dogs At BlackFoot:

BlackFoot Labrador Puppies:

At blackFoot Kennels we strive to produce and train top quality pure bred dogs. We breed a very limited number of Labrador Retriever Litters each year and usually have a waitlist for our special pups bearing the name BlackFoot. Our BlackFoot pups range in price from $2000 + depending on the breeding pair and the pedigree.  


Started & Finished Trained Dogs:

Occasionally we will hold a puppy back from one of our litters, or purchase a dog from within our network of reputable breeders so that we can train and sell those pups as "started or finished dogs. These dogs range in price from $3000 +.  

Rescued puppies/Dogs:

We also understand the need for and importance of adoption. There are many GREAT trainable loving dogs who need our help. Each year Steve and Danielle make an effort to help a few dogs who need us. Please consider adoption ! Our adoption fee is $200 for any dog or puppy... We ask this small amount to just help offset a little of our expenses & time spent: Grooming, rehabbing, vetting, housing, and feeding our rescues. 

Guardian Home Placements:

Occasionally, we will offer one of our special puppies, or, retired competitive dogs to "guardian homes" at no cost. A co-ownership for the life of the the dog is a minimum requirement. Additional terms must be agreed upon and will vary with each puppy/dog placed in a guardian home.