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Q: What is Included with Board & Train Programs?

  • FOOD:  

    • ​We feed our board and train dogs either Victor professional formula or Diamond Natural beef and rice. Based on your dog's age, physical condition, and performance requirements dung his/ her training program we will selectthe food that we will best fits your dog's needs. 

    • Food is included in your B & T price. If you choose to bring your own food there is no discount or service charge.

  • COMMUNICATION and Updates: 

    • When a dog stays with us for board and train we typically  communicate with the owner 2 - 4 times per week (via text, FB messenger, or WhatsApp). We are happy to share updates / progress and "hiccups" along the way.

    • Be sure to follow us on facebook as well because we will often share training videos, photos, and stories about our students!


    • Basic grooming needs and physical care will be paid attention to during your dog's stay. Ear cleaning (as needed) will be done at no charge.

    • A thorough bath & full grooming can be arranged for an additional fee if you want your dog to have a spa day before you do your pick up lesson. 


    • Your dog will rotate time between being safely crated in our climate controlled indoor “dog room” or outside in our spacious open air covered kennel building.

    • Dogs are “aired” multiple times during the day to ensure that their space stays clean and dry. We understand that sometimes “accidents happen” but ideally we strive to make sure that all of the dogs are let into the fenced airing yard often so that no dog feels the urge to eliminate where they rest or eat.

    • Each outside 5X5 space has a raised Kuranda bed and every dog gets safe chew bone or indestructible toy.

    • No need to bring toys / blankets / etc ... from home. For safety reasons we don't allow any soft toys or blankets.

    • In 2024 we will be opening our NEW third space for board and train dogs. This new building will offer climate controlled indoor 4X5 enclosures with a dog door to an outdoor run fort the dogs to eliminate and get out fro some fresh air as they choose. Please keep an eye on the web site and our facebook page or updates! 

  • TOOLS:

    • If your dog is enrolled in any e collar program, your package includes a collar and transmitter made by e collar tech. There are a few models we like to offer and your trainer will decide which is best for your dog. your needs, and your lifestyle. At your pick up lesson your trainer will spend ample time with you instructing how to use your new tool(s).

    • Board and train stays for 3 weeks or more also include a clicker, a custom training lead, and collar suitable for your dog's training needs. 


    • Each board and train pickup lesson will last 1. 5 - 2.5 hours. ​

    • You will receive a link to download our complete 40+ page homework training manual for your reference. 

Q: What Can I Expect While My Dog is Enrolled?

First and foremost, you can expect that your dog will be loved and cared for. We understand how you feel about your dog and will work hard to make sure all of the dogs that stay are comfortable and happy to be with us. 


Dogs and puppies are "in training" full time they are at BlackFoot. By this we mean that every day we adhere to a consistent standard of behavior throughout their stay. From waiting politely to be released from their crates or kennels to never pulling in a leash even during casual walks, basic manners are the key to companion dog foundation training.  

Each board and train experience is a little different because no two dogs are alike. You dog's program will be appropriately developed based on:

  • Initial evaluation & any previous training he/she may have.

  • The goals we decide we would like to achieve based on duration of stay. 

  • The dog's age and maturity level. 

  • Temperament, breed characteristics, and, environmental soundness. 

  • Any personal specific trouble areas you would like us to focus on. 


In addition to our every day manners and consistency protocol your dog or puppy will get a minimum of 1 focused training session per day. Depending on the dog, we will sometimes do multiple shorter sessions in contrast to one longer one per day. In general, training sessions range from 10 - 30 minutes. 

For longer stay durations, we also will transport your dog or puppy (safely crated for transport) for training "field trips."


Visiting other places are important for helping dog's build environmental stability and distraction tolerance. 

Q: What Can I Expect When I Bring My Dog Home?

We will schedule an outgoing lesson with you at time of pick up. This lesson will last from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. It will be helpful if everyone in the family (even the kids) and anyone else who will have regular interaction with your dog could attend. The key to your dog's continued success after leaving us will be to provide as much continued consistency as possible. 

Remember to be realistic about what to expect from your dog’s progression. You will be getting updates and progress reports along the way so there should be no big surprises as to how much progress to expect. Your dog no doubt will be BETTER behaved and have more skills at pick up compared to drop off, however, its going to be up to YOU to maintain that standard of training. 


Ultimately, the responsibility will always lie with you to continue that progression and maintain what your trainer has taught.

Have patience and understating that there will be a transition where the dog will be a little “confused”and also perhaps "test" you some when they first go home. Dogs are creatures of habit. Their habits at home will have to be changed compared to what they were accustomed to before they left for boarding.  


Board and train is a GREAT way to jump start a dog’s education and to work on remedying some inappropriate behaviors, but there is no such thing as a magic light switch that flips the “untrained” dog to the trained one.

We will always be available for questions and communication after pick up. Never hesitate to get in touch. For our board and train graduates we also offer 1 week stays for refresh visits! This is a perfect opportunity to have your dog back in training while you are traveling. 

Q: Do you offer a training "Guarantee"?
NO. Please Read above. 

Q: What is your Refund Policy?

Deposits for board and train programs are NON REFUNDABLE.

In the event of extenuating circumstances and you must reschedule your board and train dates, your deposit can be applied to any new start date within 1 year of your original booking.

Board and Train payments are non transferable and must be used for the dog(s) booked during initial reservation.


Payments are due at scheduled intervals (deposit to secure booking, installment at drop off and balance at pick up). Failure to make payments upon these agreed upon terms are a breech of contract and legal actions may result.

Q: How Often Will I Need to Train My dog At Home?

To maintain the education that your dog learned during board and train we recommend the following schedule: 

During the first week home:

Two or three on leash sessions structured per day! These sessions can range from 5 to 30 minutes each (depending on your dog's age, maturity, and training level).  

After the first week:

As you and your dog begin to become more in sync, it will be ok to lessen your number of sessions to one or two sessions, 4 or 5 days a week for a few weeks. 

For maintenance:

Be prepared to offer your dog 3 training sessions per week at a minimum for life. 


We highly recommend "micro training' sessions ALL DAY LONG (details you will learn at your outgoing lesson). for the lifetime of the dog.  

The amount of continued work you put in after your dog goes home will equal greater long term results. 

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