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Available Dogs / Puppies

Guardian Home Placements:

Occasionally, we will offer one of our special puppies, or, retired competitive dogs to "guardian homes" at no cost. A co-ownership for the life of the the dog is a minimum requirement. Additional terms must be agreed upon and will vary with each puppy/dog placed in a guardian home. 

BlackFoot's Confederate Gold, SH CGC ** PLACED **

None Available At this Time

Sorry, We do not ship our dogs placed in Guardian Homes. Pickup must be conducted In Person

BlackFoot Kennels 

Hemingway SC. 29554

Email To Inquire about becoming a guardian home!


Here are the basics to be considered for a guardianship application:

  • Guardian home will take possession of a BlackFoot puppy or "retired" older dog at no initial cost. 

  • Guardian home will be full responsible for ALL care, housing, veterinary, & training (financially and otherwise) for that puppy.


    • Guardian home MUST be an active & PROVEN successful sport home (hunt test, agility, detection, obedience etc..) 

    • Guardian must agree to title the puppy in the sport(s) of their choice. *If a detection home, certified in the appropriate area of that pup's strength.

    • In the event that any puppy is 'washed out' for training purposes he/she must be returned to BlackFoot or, pursue a secondary sport with the guardian.

    • In the event that he/she is injured to the extent that she cannot 'work' the discussion will be had as to where she shall "retire." 


    • Guardian homes must provide personal & veterinary references that can vouch for the care you will be able to offer your new dog. Experience in dog sports or a passion for hobby / lifestyle activities that will include your new dog is a great advantage. 

  • BlackFoot puppies/dogs will NOT live in an outdoor kennel environment on a full time basis. You must agree that the puppy/dog will remain at least 75% of his/her life living indoors in a safe and sanitary environment.

  • A guardianship contract I the case of breedable females: It will be agreed upon where she will come back to BlackFoot to be bred to the sire of our choice for a maximum of 2 litters during her reproductive years (TBD and agreed upon by all co owners). In the case of stud dogs, BlackFoot retains the right to use the male for stud service for a maximum of 4 breedings. This might include collection and shipment of semen at some time during the dog's life. 

  • BlackFoot will be responsible for all breeding expenses.

  • Guardian home will be responsible for the dog/puppies health clearance expenses (DNA, annual eye exams, and hip/elbow OFA radiographs).

  • A Guardian home agreement is a very special placement: we must maintain an open channel of communication but ultimately she will be the GUARDIAN'S dog ... to LOVE, TRAIN, ENJOY, SUCCEED WITH, and CHERISH !


Dogs Placed in Guardian Homes

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Heart N Soul's Pocket Change,


Penny has blessed us and many others with her talented offspring; in return, it has been a blessing to be entrusted with her golden years and to treat her like the Queen she is!

— Laura L. (TX.)



BlackFoot's Thyme To Fly, MH QAA

Feather's “retirement” consists of:  Hunting, Agility, Dock Diving, Scenting, Barn Hunt and her overall favourite ;Therapy dog.   She is now titled in all and truly is a special, sweet girl.

— Julie L., (Canada)



Rainmaker's Spanish Flame, JH

Rita is incredibly smart, loyal and loving.  She is an active girl who loves camping trips,  chasing balls, swimming, racing through the woods with her lab brothers and Nosework. We cannot imagine life without our special girl.  

- Sandy D. (MD.)



BlackFoot's Confederate Gold, SH CGC

“Only the most special forever homes are chosen as our Guardians.”

— Danielle R. pellicci

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