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Getting started:

For the first day (to three / four days) there is an initial acclimation period to our schedule and the dogs have a chance to get to know the trainer(s) and their new environments etc... For some dogs the transition is fast and simple and we start working on training sessions the day they arrive! For other dogs (typically older dogs and shy dogs) the process can take a little longer. Gradually we start to integrate formal training sessions into the dog's daily routine.


Training sessions take place 1 to 3 times per day for durations of 10 to 30 minutes. 

What we work on: 

  • Clicker conditioning. 

  • Drive building (food and/or prey for reward based training motivation).

  • Maturity appropriate direct and/or indirect socialization with other dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, people, and on site environmental exposures. 

  • On leash foundation training

    • Basic Leash Skills & Manners:

      • walking​ without pulling.

      • meeting and greeting people / no jumping.

      • politely sitting and waiting to be invited to politely walk through doors.

      • self composure and impulse control with low to mid level controlled distractions while on lead.

  • Stationary positions introduced: 

    • SIT (and stay).​

    • DOWN (and stay).

    • PLACE (and stay). 

    • Heel finish (swing finish to sit at left side). 


ALL Board and Train stays include: 

  • 1.5 to 2 hour outgoing lesson done on site at time of pick up.

  • 38 page downloadable PDF training & homework manual

  • Clicker

Optional Board and Train Stay Enhancements:

  • Off site field trip training: (As many as you would like to book during your dogs stay): $50 per

  • 1.5 to 2 hour outgoing lesson done at your home with door to door transport: $200 + .65c per mile

  • Full grooming spa service for pick up day: Price varies per size & coat type. 

More About BlackFoot K9 Boarding With Training 

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