Please note that we do NOT sell our puppies automatically with "breeding rights." We believe that it is important that we protect our future generations by helping to ensure that only our BEST BlackFoot puppies grow up to become breeding dogs. All of our litters are sold under the AKC stipulations of having a "limited registration." These dogs can still compete in SHOWS & BE ENTERED INTO ALL SPORTING EVENTS. After your puppy is 24 months of age, and, you have completed the requirements for health clearances, we will at that time be happy to discuss the possibility of breeding your dog. We can help you in every step of the way if you need assistance. We also pay to have to limited registration adjusted to full breeding rights at that time. 

  • Working homes who are experienced in dog sports such as hunt tests, field trials, agility, competitive obedience, and detection work will take priority when it comes to placement of our BlackFoot puppies.

  • We also do place our pups in active pet homes who understand & appreciate the high drive, intelligence, and energy levels of a purpose bred working Labrador Retriever.

  • While some of our pups grow to mature into fabulous therapy dogs, we typically do not place our pups with homes or programs such as guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs or to be pets that will only "hunt" during duck season. 

  • BlackFoot puppies are bred to be highly driven, fast, powerful, and intelligent. We understand the importance of placing these pups where they will be not only loved and cared for .. but also regularly trained and "worked."

Puppy Application