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12 Week Puppy Raising. 

Puppy foundation & raising for pups ages 8 weeks and older. 

$5400.00 (min 12 weeks)
Additional weeks after 12 weeks $400 per

Tailored to fit the needs of family companions in the style of a true competition dog. We will groom your puppy to become a well mannered and stable / balanced dog. With a big focus on direct and indirect  environmental exposure and socialization practices, we work to build and maintain a puppies drive while also teaching emphasis on self control. Our goal is to create a puppy that will enjoy working with YOU and paying attention to YOU, not always be focused on the distracting world around them. 

Skills focused on during puppy raising: 

  • Housebreaking.

  • Place training (& casting to place).

  • Crate training (loading into vehicle safely and under control).

  • leash walking.

  • Target "touch" training.

  • Proprioception exercises. 

  • Basic puppy commands including:

    • Here

    • Heel

    • Place

    • Sit

    • Down

    • Kennel

  • Age and maturity appropriate Introduction to: 

    • working alongside other dogs

    • travel

  • Pups are started with positive, balanced and fair methods. All pups are clicker trained and taught with POSITIVE motivational techniques.

  • As the pups age and develop we introduce fair and consistent pressures (leash, collar & spacial pressures) so that your puppy understands both reward and consequence.

  • Our goal is to develop a puppy that will be eager to learn and prepared emotionally for his/her future no matter if for sport or pet!


2 hour outgoing lesson

homework manual

Training collar

Training Leash

Bait Bag & Clicker


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